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Satzinger & Hardenberg Features is an Austrian animation design studio, greatly influenced by the style and the techniques of the classical hand-drawn animation form.

The studio is focused on creating intellectual properties.

The main tasks are story development and "world building", character design, background design and  art direction as well as all the creative work (e.g. concept art) therewith connected, in the fields of feature animation pre-production, TV cartoon series, theme parks, consumer product design, toys, (children's) books and the like.

Based in Steiermark's capital city Graz (Austria), the studio was originally founded  by the animation designers and authors Florian Satzinger and Nils Homann Hardenberg in Dortmund (Germany) 1995.

Production- and character designer Florian Satzinger (Personal blog: Paperwalker | CDB interview) was a student of the well regarded Disney, MGM, Lantz and Hanna-Barbera veteran animator and animation director Ken Southworth at the Vancouver Institute of Media Arts, Canada.

The S&H style is inspired both by the art of North American classical animation features and shorts (as for instance the pencilly Disney classics under Wolfgang Reitherman's direction and Chuck Jones' Warner Bros. cartoon fireworks) and by European uber-artists such as Crisse, Morris, Giorgio Cavazzano, Tomi Ungerer, André Franquin, Erich Sokol, Josef Danilowatz, Giuliano Cenci and Bruno Bozzetto.

In 2009, Florian Satzinger was honoured with the Nemoland Award.


Nuernberger Building, Lendkai 31, A 8020 Graz, Steiermark, Austria EUROPE
phone +43 (0)316 713617 · fax +43 (0)316 231123 7078 · e-mail

For personal and private home use ONLY. The materials contained in this website are protected under the copyright laws of European and other countries. All characters featured in this website, the distinctive likenesses thereof, and all related indica Copyright ©1995-2008 by Florian Satzinger i.e. Satzinger & Hardenberg Features. World rights reserved.


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